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Construction Management

FMC can review plans, have onsite support during construction, perform regular reviews of an on-going project and assist in preparation for work that you may be planning for in the future. 

Prepare for the upcoming work – I will walk through the process as it relates to you and your facility staff and also show how this may impact your other employees during the construction. Performing their jobs during this, whether facility staff or not, can be tough.  

You need to plan for success during the entire process:

  1.  Make preparation for getting into the work.  

  2. Complete the work as planned.

  3. Move into the future with your updated facility.  

Getting out of the construction successfully, is planned from the beginning.  A good understanding of the systems being installed or modified during construction is critical. What are your warranties, service contracts or PM needs after the project is done?

Get what you need. Not too much. Not too little.

Construction Management Support is one option for FMC to assist as an independent consultant/contractor.

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