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Energy Management 

Energy Management should be a fundemental action for every business, especially with the ever increasing utility costs.  There are a lot of areas to look for savings when it relates to energy.  

Retrocommissioning or an Audit - What is needed at your Site?  Retrocommissioning is looking for, finding and recommissioning equipment that is not efficient or no longer operating to designed standards.  Typically, this is electrical and mechanical equipment.  An audit can look at all aspects of the site or certain areas determined by you.

Retrocommissioning utilizes your staff, along with a contractor(s), to evaluate system operations. FMC will work with you to start the process and work through the findings.  This becomes a win-win for you.  We involve your staff to work with us through the entire process.  They know your site and will be taking care of it after we are gone.  This provides another opportunity to train your staff and give them a better understanding of the systems at your site.

A walk thru Audit and review of energy systems and building usages can produce opportunities for savings.  If you have not introduced a program to review and manage energy at your sites, FMC can work with you to produce a program focused on savings.

I have the experience in facility management to find savings in electrical, gas and water systems. There are other areas that effect the energy used at your site that should also be reviewed. Let's work together to find some opportunities that can become additional revenues or an investment into your company's future. 

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