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Evaluation Services 

Here are a few ideas why you might schedule an evaluation -

  • Equipment Life Expectancy for your Capital Planning

  • Verification of Cost for Repair/Replacement of Capital Items

  • Energy Management Areas and opportunities for saving

  • System evaluation with direction to upgrade or just return to original operating condition

  • Site Walk Thru to look at facility conditions and programs related to the upkeep. 

  • Staffing and Support Service review, including contractors - Talent/ability/etc. 

  • Operational/Management review - Budget, Spending, Allocation of resources, etc.

  • Training/Preventative Maintenance/Programs/Suppliers

  • General look at everything from 10,000 Feet

  • Construction or Contracted Service work done or to be done

There are many other areas and actions not listed above.  Just contact FMC at to inquire about how I can support your company with the overall Facility Management.

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