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Maintenance Management Support

Let me ask the questions again and give you some items to think about.

What is Maintenance Management and how does it effect you?

Maintenance management is total care and upkeep on your facilities and grounds. Maintenance staff are hired to maintain the integrity of equipment and facilities. You are required to hire contractors for some of these areas, due to licensing, warranty, complexity of equipment or many other reasons. Managing your site is an art form and my job is to help you produce the artists.

Does your staff have the skills to perform their jobs in a way that exceeds the norm?

Your staff should be able to perform standard maintenance items related to electrical, plumbing, carpentry, HVAC and basic troubleshooting of issues. Preventative maintenance on equipment and facility should be done in-house as much a possible. Do you see areas that may be falling short? Let me train your staff. 

Are your environmental conditions, heat,  A/C and building integrity, comfortable and consistent?

If you have happy staff and tenants when it comes to the environmental conditions at your site, that is great but rare.  This is a difficult area to grasp by most, since many things impact the facility HVAC systems.  Some work requires a contractor, while other work should be done by your maintenance staff.  FMC will help troubleshoot issues, train staff or give direction for a contractor as needed to be successful.

Do you have issues with a facility or system that has never seemed to operate properly?

I already spoke about HVAC, but boilers, pools, lighting, electrical, plumbing, security systems, roofs, doors, and many other things could have issues that have never been right.  I have the ability to assist in troubleshooting any system issues you have, along with supporting you to resolve them. During Construction, an outside consultant walk thru helps you give the needed feedback to the contractors for a successful project.  FMC can do this for you.

Do you get your money’s worth out of suppliers, contractors and staff?

If any of your contractors are on site almost as much as your staff, that is a red flag.  Just because you have worked with a contractor or supplier for years doesn't mean they are giving you the best pricing or service. Your staff should have a desire to do all the work they can in-house, for this is ownership.  Are you and your staff asking the right questions of the suppliers and contractors, or do you allow them to tell you what you need?

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