Accumulation Table

Glass Manufacturing Plant

Scope - Site Rep/Project Manager - Accumulation table for bottle manufacturing of reverse taper bottle (top heavy and falls over if bumped). Set shut down of packaging line to remove conveyors and install table.  Integration of unit with down spiral conveyor and into laner unit prior to palletizer robot. All equipment into and out of had to be reprogrammed and adjusted for proper operation. 2 lines completed in the Load Center that run the reverse taper. Table performs as intended and the Customer is pleased. Increase in product being packaged and a buffer for operation to be constant vs. stop and go when issues happened down stream in the process.

Scope - Remove/replace existing emissions system including duct work, equipment, system controls and treatment system.  The project impacted all furnaces and lines and was done tied in during scheduled down time for each area. Construction and demolition was from the north end of the property to the south end, covering about 1/3 of the east-west about centerline.  Logistics for normal operation and construction was coordinated to accommodate all work being done. Safety was always the focus with high work, hot equipment/conditions, the number of workers/staff and red tape areas due to equipment lifts/excavating/hazardous work. Zero injuries or near misses. The customer was pleased with the construction and operation outcome.

Emissions Project