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Facility Management Support 

There are many ways we can support you with Facility Management. 

Maintenance Management Support 

There are many other ways FMC can provide Maintenance Support –  PM Program review, contractor evaluations,  responsibility vs. aptitude of your staff, teaching troubleshooting skills, controls training, staff scheduling review, Safety and regular visits to review progress/update as needed.  

Construction Management

FMC can review plans, have onsite support during construction, perform regular reviews of an on-going project and assist in preparation for work that you may be planning for in the future. 

Prepare for the upcoming work – I will walk through the process as it relates to you and your facility staff and also show how this may impact your other employees during the construction. Performing their jobs during this, whether facility staff or not, can be tough.  

Customer Rep for Projects


I have been hired in the past to be a customer rep for major construction projects, while supporting the facilities department.  The project planning and execution were the real reason for being hired, but the additional benefit to the customer was my ability to support the facility maintenance, grounds and building services departments during my time there. 

Evaluation Services

​If you simply want an evaluation of your Facilities, to get a better understanding of how healthy they are, FMC can schedule a walk thru.  You may also want an evaluation of your Maintenance Department as a whole. I can perform any level of review you desire, whether it is of the entire department or a specific area of concern.

Commissioning Process Provider

Whether you need Commissioning, recommissioning and Retro-Commissioning, they all focus on getting your systems and equipment to operate as they were designed.

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