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Training - Procedures and Programs

I won't beat around the bush! Your maintenance staff needs training! This is good for them and for you. Do you want to do more in-house work and save time and money? Do you want your staff to take ownership?

Give them the knowledge to perform with confidence and you will see them take ownership of their areas. There is an ongoing theme that I see in the area of Maintenance and it has to do with giving your staff the tools to better perform their jobs. The first thing isn't any type of tool or equipment, but training. Evaluating the level of ability your staff has, determining what skill areas that are needed for them to better perform the tasks at hand and then training for success is a plan that will always work to your benefit. Let's talk about I can help with this.

My experience has also given me the ability to go into a site and review maintenance processes and procedures, verify the accuracy and rewrite as needed. Taking the updated procedures and having your staff, the ones responsible for the work or process, physically go through the new sequence, will show me a few things about the process and your staff.

From the rewrite, a staff member stepping through the process, along with the outcome, I can evaluate your staff and equipment operations. This helps determine if your staff needs training on the basics, directions that are more in depth or something totally different.

Are your procedures are out of date, non-existent or maybe you just don't know - let me come in and review what you have. Do your personnel seem to struggle with certain equipment or systems? Do you contract out most of your maintenance work vs. inhouse staff doing it? Are you just having operational issues in general? Contact me to review your most troublesome areas or for a total site evaluation.

Typically, the time I spend looking at systems, programs and personnel, I find opportunities for saving by changing some simple things. If you are not deep into the maintenance staff (or construction, if you have some going on) then let me be your consulting company to verify what really is happening.

Don't hesitate to ask questions on what I might do if I visit your site and what that might look like for timing and cost.

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