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Vision. Mission. Purpose.


Serve as a resource and support mechanism for facility management.


Work with FM to increase the quality of sites, systems and services.


I started FMC with the desire to serve local facilities first, supporting Michigan’s economy, but also to support companies nationwide.  By sharing my experience and expertise in facility management and utilizing outside resources when needed, we can work together to assist you with continual improvement.  I will help you by sharing the FM wisdom I have gained over the years.  I can troubleshoot systems, train personnel, write procedures, evaluate facilities and more. We can strengthen your organization by achieving success as it relates to the facilities and its management.  I will pass on my knowledge to better equip you and your staff.  Professional growth in your department  will produce a higher level of performance , which in turn will raise the overall quality and comfort levels across the entire company.


I teach and consult through the experiences I have had while working within the FM profession.  I have been in a Facility Management role at various sites for about 15 years, in a contractor/consultant capacity for over 13 years and in a maintenance/operator/foreman role for about 9 years.  Thirty-five years in the industry, means I have been around and seen a lot. Additional background and reference information available upon request.

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