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Encountering Facility and Maintenance Departments where they are, providing guidance on all aspects of O&M, while building a partnership that pursues excellence  


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Are you back in the swing of things after the COVID-19 Pandemic?

Life as we know it may never be the same, but getting your business back into shape after this will require you to think differently. As you start back up, your staffing and budget could initially be less than you have ever seen, but you can do more with it than you think. Your new norm may require a little more support from others with expertise in Facility Operation, Maintenance and Management. Hiring a consultant to work with you to move your plans forward could be just what your company needs right now.

Consultants need to have a focus that … Enhances your Leadership and organizational capacity… Brings energy and sponsorship of work… Doesn’t come with predetermined agendas… Utilizes expertise and establish a partnership with clients… We are equal and collaborative business partners… Works themselves out of a job.

As a Consultant, I will advise you in your decision making process and support the actions needed to get back on track. You bring “what needs to be done” and I will bring “how to get it done”. You own it - I support it. Once you are moving in the direction required for your success, I will step back as you take full ownership of the process.

You will start slow on this process, with a mindset to continually pick up your pace to get back to full speed. Your actions will produce both immediate and long-term results.

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What I bring to the table is Total Facilities Management. I have worked directly with Education, Hospitality, Manufacturing, Processing, Healthcare and various other commercial/industrial sites. Knowing how the economy effects operating a facility, along with the skills and costs required to operate and maintain it, allows me to provide for your needs.

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September 27, 2016

Understanding your Internal Strength and Potential  A guide for Maintenance Managers 

Have you ever evaluated your Internal Strength and Potential?  Let me explain what this really is, so you can determine if you have or can evaluate your de

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