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How are your in-house projects?

Do you self perform projects at your site? If you have in the past and they don't seem to be the success you had hoped, try to hire an outside consultant/management person to oversee the work. You can use your own staff along with the contractors you trust. There may not be a need to have a General Contractor running the work.

I have self performed many projects and utilized my on site staff. Some training was needed but it gave my team the opportunity to learn something new and look back at what had been done with pride. I can walk with you on a project or two and that just might be enough for your team to take off with projects. If your staff availability is tight, utilizing your preferred contractors to support the work can also be done. You are the boss of what you want to do. Manage things so the results will benefit your company and crew.

Call or email me to see what I might be able to do to support your project work. (616) 405-8410 or

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